Money Laundering

When Money Laundering is charged, the government normally charges the defendant with tax crimes.  In fact, the IRS website states:

Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 – Criminal Investigation [Division of the IRS] investigates and recommends criminal prosecution for violations of Title 18, USC, Sections 1956 and 1957. These statutes make it illegal to conduct certain financial transactions with proceeds generated through specified unlawful activities, such as narcotics trafficking, Medicare fraud and embezzlement, among others.

The Money Laundering statutes were put into place to prevent people from hiding their tax crimes.  Criminal tax investigations and Money Laundering investigations go hand in hand.

If there is a Money Laundering investigation, you can almost be certain that there is a tax investigation going on at the same time.  Joseph Falcone is familiar with investigations regarding Money Laundering.  Contact Joseph Falcone to see if he is able to assist you in the defense of Money Laundering charges.