White Collar Crime Defense

The Federal Government likes to “throw the book” at people it decides to seek a criminal conviction against. Often, the IRS will be involved along with the FBI and Homeland Security. Each of these agencies specializes in a certain area of the criminal law. When working together, these “joint task forces” can present a very formidable opponent.

Tax crime indictments are different than other criminal charges. Tax crimes usually involve complicated facts and large amounts of paperwork. Many times, white color defense attorneys are not comfortable with defending tax crimes along with the other crimes charged.

Joseph Falcone has worked with defense counsel over the years that have specialized in non-tax white collar criminal defense. If there is a possibility that there could be criminal violations of the tax laws, you should contact an attorney who is knowledgeable in the tax area. Joseph Falcone may be able to assist you and your attorney in your defense.